Friday, August 15, 2008

First Class

Thank you Lufthansa

it's the second time I'm upgraded in first class.

The first time, the plane was so full that they were calling for passengers to sell their tickets for a higher price than they had purchased.

I was on business and could not make money with my ticket.
Mr K was waiting for me in Japan so there was no way I could have been late.

At the time I entered the gate, the lady told me very simply "here you are sir, seat 1K".
I said "thank you" and moved on.
then briefly paused
analyzed what she had just said
moved back
and said "what?"
"Yes sir you have been upgraded in first class" she told me.

yatta, it was my first time !
but then all my colleagues (except one who thus became VERY pissed off) were upgraded.
It was quite a trip !

Then, this time I had my reservation in business class and I received a mail the day before asking me to check in in advance.
It's a new service from Luft which is quite handy.

I did not like so much my seat so I decided to change it online.
Arrived in Frankfurt, I stepped in the long-courrier, took seat 10, installed myself comfortably, and one of the cabin attendant started to talk to me.

She asked me if I was Italian. She's not the first to ask, but no I'm not.

She said she was Italian and started to talk with volubility, even sometime in Italian !
I asked her if it was her first time to Nagoya, how long she would stay, which hotel, what she would do... Actually I knew more about her in 5 minutes than she probably expected to know about me.

Then came a woman saying "you are sitting on my seat"
We compared our boarding passes and they were exactly same so I guess a glitch happened in the online reservation.

The lady was becoming nervous and asked the cabin attendant for my seat.

This is when the magic happened !

Thanks to this little friendly chat I had earlier with the cabin attendant, she upgraded me in first class. The lady was happy to have my seat ... and I left it without hesitation!

Later during the flight, the Italian came to my seat checking if I was satisfied, and again she started speaking Italian...

I took some photos of the lunch, but then I got tipsy enough to forget taking photos of the rest.
I can tell you the dessert was nice too!

why did I write in English?
Because today's keyboard does not have accents, and French without accent is like a choux-cream without cream.

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